Our interaction with plants illustrates what we value.  We should care for them to a higher degree than we rely on them to care for us.  I hope you enjoy my first production as much as I enjoyed learning about goldenseal and its complex story.

Get into these VR / 360-Degree Storytelling experiences with VR goggles.  Contact me for content viewing or delivery.  You can click around on this site in the meantime.

Spatial audio produced in Reaper that will not play in ambisonic format through Soundcloud or via cloud- or web-based hosts.  Contact for delivery.

Not-on-assignment photojournalism roadtrip from a fake Native American festival to a marathon finish in coal country.

"A Day in the Life at Strouds Run State Park"

Southeast Ohio has a mountain biking gem in this public park located on the northeast edge of the college town of Athens.  Come ride it.  Good stuff.

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