Christmas in McArthur

McArthur, Ohio

Christmas in MacArthur, OH, is handmade, downhome, full of smiles, and served with a little extra sugar.  

Athens Ohio Roller Derby

Athens County, Ohio

I was fortunate enough to photograph and write a story about the Appalachian Hell Betties and women in roller derby sports in Athens County.  While shooting photos at the match and practice was fun, the real joy came from learning about the athletes personal stories and what continues to fuel their passions on the rink and in the community.

Fort Worth, Texas

My girlfriend and I travelled to Cowtown, USA, for a wedding.  What we found was a piece of old America.

United Plant Savers

Meigs County, Ohio

United Plant Savers held their 25th anniversary celebration in the summer of 2019 in honor of the groundbreaking for the new facility near Rutland in "herb alley" in rural Meigs County.  The organization is the only advocate for medicinal plants like goldenseal, ginseng, or black cohosh in the United States.  Their crowd is deeply concerned about the fate of the plants yet welcoming to new freethinkers and conservationists.  


Meigs County, Ohio

The namesake on the license plate was once a stopping point on the national skateboarding circuit.  My friend Zul is a documentary video producer from Indonesia who recognized the sign for the compound as we drove by on an unrelated video shoot.  We came back later to check out the grounds and learn about the history of Sk8opia.

COSI / German Village

Columbus, Ohio

A collection of photos as Mikahla and I wandered around the German Village and the Center for Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio.

Charleston, South Carolina

I was in "Chucktown" at a virtual reality conference.  What I found was a photogenic city with amazing people and a few dive bars.  The best part about being in most places is just walking around and being.  The camera is just a bonus and a way to remember.  I almost took a food photo...

Hocking Valley Historic Railway

Nelsonville, Ohio

The Historic Hocking Valley Scenic Railway starts and ends in Nelsonville, Ohio.  The facilities draw hundreds of people on the weekends.  For lack of a better phrase, volunteers keep the trains running on time.  For Nelsonville, the railway is a hopping spot.  

The Ridges

Athens, Ohio

Once referred to as the Athens Lunatic Asylum, The Ridges was a Kirkbride Mental Hostpital from 1874-1993, now part of Ohio University.  Visitors will find an art museum, buildings under rehabilitation, and a few classrooms and offices.   The slew of hiking trails up to Radar Hill are an unexpected gem of "The Ridges."  

Fur Peace Ranch

Darwin, Ohio

You can find legit Jerry Garcia paintings at the Fur Peace Ranch.  Owned by Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane fame, the venue today boasts just over 100 seats for the most fortunate of season ticket holders in Southeast Ohio.  Ramblin' Jack Elliott, the headliner, didn't allow photos during his set because he couldn't help but smile for the camera and mess up the song.  These were from soundcheck.

Rendville Emancipation Day

Rendville, Ohio

Rendville was the cite of an integrated coal mining town in the days of segregation.  Today, the population is around 40, but every year on Emancipation Day, the community of years past descends on the village to share companionship and stories.  At the last census, it was the smallest incorporated community in Ohio.  In 2018, the annual celebration saw a historical marker designated to local labor champion Richard Davis.

Ohio University Homecoming

Athens, Ohio

Photos from Homecoming 2018...

Indian Mounds Festival

The Plains, Ohio

The Indian Mounds Festival has zero references to either Native Tribes or the mounds within which they are buried. It's a mini carnival, with a few zoo animals, vendors, and experience-providers like horse buggy rides.  I didn't take photos of the mound out of respect for the living.