Jennifer L'Heureux & The Nelsonville Emporium - Nelsonville

Jadyn Tedrow holds the door while Jacob Bailey put the shop's "OPEN" sign away at the end of the business day.  Tedrow and Bailey are both in high school and work part-time at the Nelsonville Emporium.  


Jennifer L'Heureux is the proprietor of the Nelsonville Emporium, which showcases locally- and regionally-crafted pottery, artwork, jewelry, soaps, fragrances, and clothing.  With a commercial kitchen, it's also a popular spot for coffee and lunch for workers, residents, and visitors.  They also make souvenirs featuring the famous Nelsonville "Star Brick" emblem in their on-site ceramic studio.

L'Heureux says Nelsonville has found resiliency by branding itself as a destination location, improving its sidewalks, its infrastructure, and assistance for small businesses.

The Nelsonville Emporium was named the 2019 Athens County Chamber of Commerce Jon Sparhawk Small Business of the Year.

Jennifer talks about the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.
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Tatum L'Heureux grew up in her mother's business.  Learn about her experience below.

Tatum talks about growing up as an entrepreneur's daughter.
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L'Heureux acknowledges a shortage of skill-building opportunities for employees in Nelsonville.  To solve this problem, she has begun conversations with nonprofits such as Rural Action, Integrated Services, and Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action, Ohio University, and Hocking College to explore turning the Nelsonville Emporium from a sole proprietorship to a social enterprise.

Evolving the Nelsonville Emporium into a "Learn-to-Earn" social enterpreise is L'Heureux's big-picture plan.
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Entrepreneurs in Southeast Ohio work with their heads, their hearts, and of course, their hands.