Moe "The Tea Lady" - Herbal Sage Tea Company & The Brickhouse Apothecary, Pomeroy


Moe is rarely open for retail in her funky and historic building just off the strip in Pomeroy, a blooming Ohio River town.  Instead, she spends most of her time mixing teas, shipping, delivering, and holding classes in the constantly-renovated building.


Maureen - or "Moe" as she's known in the the village - is an herbalist who moved to Meigs County from Cleveland in ___ after her funky vintage clothing business burned down.  She's a lifelong entrepreneur who is finding success among a community of entrepreneurs in what she calls an "up-and-coming" Pomeroy.

The building was built in 1858 and has hosted a variety of businesses including a packaged goods store, a newspaper, and is now home to her tea business and apothecary as well as a few Air BnB-style nightly rentals.

She says that Pomeroy is working hard to bring money into the village, but that there's no one working in tourism promotion at the moment.  She hopes that can change and spur more sustainable economic development through visitation rather than extraction and manufacturing.  


One of many stacks of books on herbalism and natural medicine for reference in the Apothecary.

While Moe is well-known around Pomeroy, her dog Willow is the real celebrity.  

The Brickhouse Apothecary is just off of the main strip in Pomeroy, which runs along the Ohio River and is lined with vintage storefronts.


Because independent retailers line the street, Moe isn't retailing her products right out of her store.  Instead, she spends her time building business and shipping products.


She sees retail as a personal connection between the seller and the buyer.  Instead of retail, the top floors house nightly rentals, and she also uses the space for classes like "meatless Mondays" or community yoga.

She believes experiences she offers, mixed with local retail and scenic beauty, will build a long-term economy that can outlast extraction and manufacturing.  










Communities in Southeast Ohio have recognized an opportunity to grow the tourism industry, but small towns like Pomeroy have few beds for overnight visitors.  The Apothecary is expanding its offerings to include three overnight rentals offered on Air BnB to bring people to town while offering them a funky experience in a historic building - and community.